Where do I start? Well, I grew up in a small town on Blueberry Drive. Sadly, there were no blueberries. In the hopes that I wouldn’t become a starving artist, I moved to Edmonton to pursue my business degree that, in a twist of events, then led me to design. Mostly, I can accredit the recession for my choice to continue my education, but I’d like to pretend there was a grand scheme in the works.

I have a multi-disciplinary background — combining marketing with graphic design — so that I have the skills to both visualize a concept and physically create it.

My process is heavy on the wordplay. I look for anagrams and puns, followed by word association games until I'm all tapped out. After a whole lot of mind-mapping and list-making, I start sketching. My workflow consists of caffeine, visual reference, and sharpies. Coffee is my life force. 

Lastly, I’m determined to perpetually be better — I’ve got that perfectionist’s twitch.