Rebecca Dalke Designs: Publication.


The Petrolea publication is an educational piece using infographics to deal with oil industry standards, processes and consumption. Visuals such as pie charts, bar graphs, object diagrams and typography clarify the content for anyone who is unfamiliar with the oil industry. The colour palette was chosen for its subdued hues to take a neutral stance on the information and simply present the statistics.


This product catalogue features the art of Tatjana Ruzin, a Canadian artist living in Mississauga, Ontario. Her body of work consists of large, texturized palette-knife paintings of abstract landscapes and nature. To reflect this handmade quality, the cover of the catalogue is painted in acrylic with large palette knives and in orange hues to reflect the established branding of Etsy. The gallery inside displays Ruzin’s work, employing hierarchy by varying the typeface’s size and weight to organize relevant information such as the title, price and description.


This cookbook template on breakfast-for-dinner recipes employs personal photography, typography and a flexible grid. Targeting men who enjoy simple and hearty dinners, Brinner Bites uses rich, dark colours and burlap textures to differentiate the recipes from light breakfast foods. The meals are photographed from above consistently to accentuate the shapes of the food and create a sense of movement.

Brinner Bites - First Spread

Brinner Bites - Second Spread

Brinner Bites - Third Spread